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Fast Facts About the PUP Open University
The PUP Open University OBJECTIVES


The Open University programs will:


1.      Provide an affordable and portable education for all, and thus help bring about a better quality of life for all Filipinos.


2.      Offer an effective alternative delivery of instruction and training.


3.      Re-engineer the traditional learning approaches through the use of printed modules, audio cassettes, video tutorials, and multimedia courseware and other creative, innovative, and cost-effective learning delivery channels.


4.      Establish networking strategies with colleges and universities as well as with government and non-government organizations for the optimum use of resources.


5.      Promote general efficiency and self-reliance among students, teachers, school and public administrators, and managers of corporations and business enterprises.

The PUP Open University

3rd Floor, Ninoy Aquino Learning Resource Center

Mabini Campus, Sta. Mesa, Manila

716-7832 to 45 local 325 or 251

713-1505; 713-1506; 338-7409